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Sherlock 13: A game of investigation, deduction and bluffing

Sherlock 13: Services

13 Suspects, only 1 culprit!

That night in London, a crime has been committed! Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, James Moriarty,
Irene Adler… Famous characters became suspects of a serious case. One of them is obvious criminal!
Who can find the criminal first?

Each player collects informations through investigations to find who the criminal is. When you have eliminate all suspects but one, claim the name of the character card you think as the criminal.

Want to know more ? Watch the presentation video opposite!

Sherlock 13: Vidéo

Duration: 15 min

Numbers of players :  2 to 4

Age: from 10 years old

Sherlock 13: À propos

Author: Hope S. Hwang

Illustrator: Vincent Dutrait

Sherlock 13: Texte
Sherlock 13: Fichiers

You have used the entire clue sheet?

Download the template by clicking below and print it as much as you want!

Want to read the rules of the game?

Download them by clicking below!

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