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Letheia Games: games for the whole family!

Fun, interactions and quick games!

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Play intense and original games  !

Letheia is committed to offering games that go outside the box, that are easy to learn and play, for both children and adults. They are fun, require bluffing or observation, and most importantly, make you want to play them again!

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Sherlock 13

A game of investigation, deduction and bluffing.

Famous characters became suspects of
a serious case. One of them is obvious criminal!
Who can find the criminal first?

Wink - Nest of spies

Win in the blink of an eye!

See without being seen and communicate without being intercepted. An original, short and easy game which will immerse you in uncontrollable laughter with a slight  ambiance of paranoia.


Run, Ghost, Run !

Hide! Humans are coming!

Play as a group of mischievous ghosts, trying to sneak through a hotel… without being seen by the humans peeking through the keyhole!

(Release scheduled for October 2021)


Team Pics

A hybrid party game for rhythmic and crazy parties!

Compete in ingenuity in this wacky team game!

Speed dating

Seduce me if you can!

When the card game flirts with the role-playing game: chat improvisation and giggles in this crazy party game!


The race to the Élysée

One day you will be President!

A simple and biting improvisation game, La Course à l'Élysée invites players to lead their own presidential campaign!

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